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Vladimir Putin once again is showing the world who is the real boss.
The all powerful Russian leader made no ceremony to step with
muddy boots into Syrian territory, bringing in through the process a
powerful military force, including jet fighters, tanks, helicopters, anti
aerial missiles and hundred of soldiers. After Crimea and Ukraine,
he decided to take advantage of his recent army's flexed muscles to
interfere in Assad's favor too.
Putin openly declared that Russia's purpose is to combat the
oppositionists to president Bashar al-Assad, already fighting the
regime for four years. Besides, the Russians are supposed to take a
fierce position against terrorist groups like ISIS. Military annalists
predict that the Kremlin's investment in Assad government has  the
main purpose to transform the present building of airports, maritime
installations in Latakia and military ground bases in the north in
something much bigger and permanent.
The Russian boots can become bogged down in the Syrian mud for
the years to come in case Putin would insist in his aggressive and
arrogant behavior. Among other possible consequences of the
Russian presence in Syria, could easily be a major Iran involvement
in the country, through a heavy belic presence there, beside the
Russian forces.  

The American Obama is playing an extremely cautious chess game
to act in opposition to Russia. First of all, everybody knows that the
Russians are superb chess players, recognizable tough and brave
soldiers, besides having at their disposal enormous state of the art
military armament. The Americans are behaving cautiously and
weighting carefully their actions, simply because the White House
has already accepted the fact that Syria is part of Russian direct
influence. Furthermore, Obama wouldn't inflict serious punishment
against an Islamic country, for obvious reasons related to Muslim's
susceptible world and to his dubious Islamic standards.  An example
of the American principles can be shown in the intricate nuclear
agreement with Iran, although the USA aerial attacks are going on
sporadically against terrorist groups acting in Iraq and Syria.

The USA is now considering a coalition proposal with Russia and Iran
to fight the now serious threat by ISIS and Dash, the notorious
terrorist organizations that are criminally acting trough barbaric
methods in several Middle East countries.

With Syria actually counting on Russian modern armaments,
specially new jet fighters, and close connections to Iran and the
Hezbollah terrorist organization, now is the time - let's hope that
not too late - to Israel take very serious political and strategic
decisions, including intensive diplomatic conversations with the
Russians and specially with the Americans.  By the other hand, all
the political events surrounding the Middle East indicates that now is
the time to Israel to form a broad national Government as soon as
possible, including the opposition majority party and others more.

In a new development, speaking in the United Nations Assembly,
Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir said Syrian leader Bashar
al-Assad must leave office or face being turfed out by force,
rejecting Russia's bid to build support for its ally. Speaking in New
York after meeting Saudi Arabia's allies, Jubeir on Tuesday
dismissed Russia's call for a coalition to defend Assad against the
Islamic State group as a "non-starter." He warned that other
countries would step up support for rebels from Syria's moderate
opposition, leaving Assad with no choice but to step down or face
what he called the "military option."

Israel, by its turn, is showing great concern about the possibility
that Russia and Iran would create the conditions to a fixed military
stay in Syria, to protect Assad's government, while conspicuously
doing so under the pretext to battle Al Qaeda Dash Taliban (DASH),
Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and the Islamic
State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

By Salo Yakir - Independent Internet Correspondent


By Salo Yakir / Israel, September 2015. ©